Chapter Officers
   Martha Brookman
   1st Vice Regent:
   Susan Silfvast
   Recording Secretary:
   Marjorie Preston
   Corresponding Secretary:  
   Diana Lavagnino
   Mildred "Lucille" Allen
   Marcia Chauvin
   Ann Wolf
   Marilyn Kramer
   Dorothy Varland
   Ann Wolf


The Caymus Chapter was organized on April 15, 1972. Mrs.Earl Enholm was the chapter's first regent. The chapter's name was chosen for the Caymus Indians, a small tribe of the Mishewal Wappo, who lived in the Napa Valley. George Yount was the first white settler to receive a land grant in Napa Valley and Rancho Caymus was born. Most chapter members are from the Napa Valley area; however, some members are from other areas, as well. Local residency is not a requirement for membership in any chapter.

The Caymus Chapter meetings alternate between the last Wednesday and last Saturday of each month September through May, but not in December. If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please contact us.

We welcome any woman for membership who is over 18 years of age and who is descended from a man or woman who aided in achieving American Independence during the period between April 19, 1775, and November 26, 1783. Information on membership in the DAR can be found here.

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