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Founded in Tehachapi on April 13, 2002; Organizing Regent: Mrs. Linda Jolly
  • Tehachapi is a growing centennial city located in the Tehachapi Mountains of middle California at a 4000 foot elevation, just off of State Highway 58 between Mojave and Bakersfield. The city proper has an unfettered population of about 7,000, but is surrounded by many yet unincorporated communities, such as Golden Hills, Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs, Alpine Forest Park, and others, which bring the total areal population to over 30,000, from which our Tomo-Kahni Chapter draws its resources.
  • Tomo-Kahni, or "Winter Home," is an historic Kawaiisu native American village site nearby. For thousands of years the Kawaiisu roamed a vast territory from the Southern Sierra to the Tehachapi Range to the Mojave Desert. During the cooler months the tribe encamped at/in their tomo-kahni atop a ridge in the Tehachapi Mountains, overlooking Sand Canyon to the East and the Tehachapi Valley to the West. The Kawaiisu are recognized for their unique, artistically detailed, basket weaving skills, and this location was likely chosen for its plentiful resources, moderate temperatures, and good visibility of approach. It served as their winter home for two to three thousand years.
  • Tehachapi, a land of four seasons, traditionally has been a source of prized apples, cherries, onions, carrots, and potatoes. The Tehachapi of today adds manufacturing, wind energy, sod, prized wine, wine grapes, and organically grown vegetables to this diversified mix.
  • The Tomo-Kahni Chapter was recognized by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution on April 13, 2002, with 22 Organizing Members under the leadership of Organizing Regent, Mrs. Linda Jolly. By April 12, 2003, the Chapter had accepted a total of 29 Charter Members.
  • Today this energetic Chapter's roster stands at 31 Members and 1 Associate.